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world youth day 2002

world youth day:
a biannual event

you too can have some of the same experiences as ara, jessica, wayne, nicole, thomas, sherri, and slater by attending world youth day.

world youth day is held every two years, usually in the summer.

hundreds of thousands of youth from all over the world gather with the pope to celebrate their faith and grow closer to god.







see the pope

for many people, one of the highlights of world youth day is seeing the pope.

but not only does the pope attend and celebrate mass with the youth, but many local bishops from around the world attend as well.

  meet other youth

world youth day is a great way to meet other people who share your faith.

not only do you grow much closer with the people you travel with, but you also make many new friends from all over the world.


learn about your faith

WYD brings together Catholic youth from over 150 countries to learn about their faith and celebrate it.

meet bishops, priests, and religious from all over the world and experience the vibrant diversity that is catholicism



experience another

because world youth day is in a different country every time it is celebrated, it is a great opporunity to learn a new languge or experience a new culture.





  wyd 2002:
toronto canda

this july hundreds of thousands of youth will gather in canada to celebrate world youth day 2002.

you won't want to miss this exciting gathering.

to find out how to get invovled contact your local diocese or visit the official world youth day 2002 web site at

preparing for
wyd 2002

how can you get ready for toronto? "don't turn back" is a great way to prepare yourself, or youth you work with.

you'll experience the joys, the struggles, and the excitement of world youth day from a kid's point of view as you walk along with ara, jessica, nicole, wayne, and millions from all over the world.

there is no better way to find out what world youth day is like, except of course to go yourself. see you in toronto!

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