i'm probably the least most religious kid here. i just want to go out at night and see the sights. i've been disappointed by the food. you think you're gonna get this great tasting italian food like back in america but it's a little bit different. and i'm stayin' at a very nice hotel - it's like a dorm in a college, you know. no expectations, no expectations.








my name is earl wayne mcmillan. anytime you ever see me with anything official around my neck, it's always earl. but i grew up being called wayne. wild and wierd is my e-mail address. anytime people yell out for somebody's whose wierd, i show up. i've failed a lot of my classes over the years. i have no friends in school. but i can be pompous and say, you take me to a retreat, i'll know half the crowd.



i came over thinkin' i'm gonna see some hot, italian guys. i haven't really seen any, like honestly, i'm surprised. the ice cream is awesome! but we didn't get as much as we're used to. i'm used to the waffle cone with two scoops and i'm one for the wild flavors - peanut butter and cookie dough everything. the thing that's really getting to me is the hotel. they have the air condition on from 4 to 11 and that's it. i can't sleep. so i'm exhausted. at home, we're usually at the beach enjoying the water or in a nice air-conditioned car. it's hot. you need air here.




my kind of mom and dad call me meatball - for unknown reasons. and i've also been called celebrity because everyone says i like the camera, and i do. it's fun to talk to people. my favorite music is country. i love country music, but i also like ska, rock, rap, but pretty much everything. i like basketball and even though i'm short and stubby, i can still play pretty well. i can beat most the guys. last night in the subway, this kid kept like poppin' me in the back. and it took everything in me not to turn around and like deck the kid.




my name is frederick slater. everyone calls me by my last name, slater, in the youth group. i'm into sports. football and track. my friends and i enjoy playing sports, goin' out to parties, goin' to friends' houses and stuff. just being around friends i guess. i'd like to live here for a year. i wouldn't want to live here any longer than a year. the drivers are insane. but other cultures seem more devoted than americans. i mean, some of us are goin' around the hotel lookin' for girls.





i just scored two smokes. i gotta good knack for that. but i gotta quit soon - certainly by the end of this trip. i ran out of my own menthols so i'm bummin' everything. they're smoother than american cigarettes. i haven't slept in like 4 days. and now i'm sleepin' on a cot 'cause they used my bed for a table and spilled chinese food all over it.



i'm also known as glamour girl and sparkles and everything 'cause i like to wear glitter. and material girl 'cause i like to have all my clothes matching. i'm just really girlie i guess. i like shopping and i'm really into art. i draw. me and jessica saw like these shops - and perfume and stuff. we want to go back there and spend all of our money.



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