don't turn back - a hot new world youth day video for Catholic youth

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are you ready for world youth day?

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seven teens embark on a journey of a lifetime through rome for world youth day.

ara's along for the nightlife, jessica for hot italian guys. nicole has shopping on her mind and wayne wants to hug the pope. what they and three others don't know is that their world is about to be turned upside down.

the characters of don't turn back - a hot new world youth day video for Catholic youth

challenged to their very core by profound spiritual experiences, these seven do some serious soul-searching. grappling with faith, pain and friendships, they cling to their only source of hope. change is hard, going home harder, but after this trip there's no turning back.

"Hip. Meaningful. Profound."

this breakthrough in catholic media explores the faith in a very fresh and real way, capturing the raw honesty of today's teenagers and the profound depths of catholicism. these kids' conversion stories coupled with a soul-stirring musical score is guaranteed to move you.

"If they can be changed,
I can too."

think you're ready for toronto
? then wander the streets of rome with slater, wayne, jessica, thomas, and the others, and see if you have what it takes to make this pilgrimage of faith. the road may be long, you may get tired, but you've come this far, don't turn back.

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of the day

"Be missionaries to your contemporaries, without being discouraged in the face of difficulties, seeking ways of evangelization adapted to the world of youth."

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